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Pedego E-bikes are a popular rental and sales company in Downtown St. John's, NL.

Bicycle Helmets

We have partnered with Sena, a leading provider of Bluetooth communication headwear equipment, to offer integrated Bluetooth functionality with their Intelcom bicycle helmets.


At Pedego, we don't just specialize in providing top quality electric bikes, we also have a wide range of accessories such as Bluetooth bicycle helmets and e-bike parts to meet all your biking needs.

Featured Helmets

Bluetooth Bicycle Helmets St. John's | Wavelink Communications

R1 - Smart Helmet

Smart Communications Helmet​

The R1 smart cycling helmet combines advanced technology with a traditional design. You can stay connected with your riding partners thanks to its built-in Intelcom system.
m1 evo

M1 Evo

Trail-Ready Mesh Intercomâ„¢

The M1 EVO mountain bike helmet is a game-changer for biking enthusiasts. It offers wireless and seamless communication with audio whilst on the trails, thanks to Sena's proven communication technology.


Streamlined Design Meets Streamlined Full Connectivity

The S1 Smart Road Cycling Helmet seamlessly combines communication, safety, and comfort in one lightweight aerodynamic design. Enjoy effortless rider-to-rider communication, listen to your favorite music, and enjoy solitude on your terms as you journey the open roads.
Sena Bicycle Helmet
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